How can I add a new language for Cherbox?

Open the ‘Languages’ folder (where Cherbox installed), Copy and create a new file from ‘English.en‘,
Then translate the text of this file(You can use Notepad to edit it).

How To Install?

1. Download the language you want and unpack the ZIP archive
2. Copy the language file (*.en) into “languages” directory where Cherbox installed,
such as: C:\Program Files\Bainsoft\Cherbox\Languages
3. Restart Cherbox, Click “Tools”-”Options” on the toolbar.
and then select your language


Language Author Version Download
Italiano Chris B 1.0

Czech Mira 1.0

Arabic MFM Dawdeh 1.0

French marc elder 1.0

Spanish Javier 1.0

Chinese, Trad. wOOLaLa 1.0

German alexander 1.0

Russian Valerij Romanovskij 1.0, 2.0


Thanks to the following people for translations:

Chris B


MFM Dawdeh

marc elder




Valerij Romanovskij


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