Data save/backup

by cheradmin on December 1, 2011

By fault, Cherbox using real-time save mechanism, all of the data operation will be saved automatically, if you don’t want to save automatically, you can cancel the selection by clicking “File” – “Auto Save” on the menu bar.

And the system will automatic backup, if you need to cancel the automatic backup;

you can operate in Options to cancel Create backup files.

If need to backup data manually, you can click the “File” – “Create backup file” on the menu bar.

Backup data are saved in “Backups” sub-folder in Cherbox directory,
if need to restore data, you can open backup files directly and click “Save As”.

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Quick launch

by cheradmin on December 1, 2011

Cherbox can be rapidly started application program and opened a webpage or text data entry with the rapid startup data entry function, which is useful under the circumstance of having more data entry or desktop shortcut, it is convenient to seek a icon for remembering the frequently-used simple start characters.

To use it, you can set Quick launch keyword in data entry properties.

You can press the shortcut key Ctrl+Q for quick start anytime, the system will popup a confirm window, as follows:

It can be rapidly started by inputting defined keyword and pressing enter key.

The shortcut key Ctrl+Q can be used in whole situation and when the main window is displayed or hidden, you can change the shortcut key setting in system Options.

In addition, you can startup rapidly and more conveniently with operating system run automatically at startup.

To change launch window position
Click Tools – Options on the menu bar,
to change Launch window position option.

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Manage URLs

by cheradmin on December 1, 2011

Cherbox having a URLs management function, which can be used to replace the Favorites of browser.

There are two ways of adding URLs; one is add by manual operation, the other is click “Add Data entry” on the toolbar, and in the properties window of data entry, set the “Location” as the URLs, as follows:

In addition, it provides a URL capture function:
You can automatically capture the URL and web title on the browser by clicking to the address bar of browser.

click “Tools” – “URL Capture” or press shortcut key F6, then, the main interface will be hidden, move your mouse to the browser address bar, for instance, an blue selection box appear, click the left mouse button to retrieve the address, and then press “OK” button.
If you need to cancel capture, when capture URL clicking the right mouse button or pressing the keyboard Esc key.
(The browsers which supporting URL capture function including: Firefox, IE, chrome, safari, opera)

It similar to rapid startup application program, by setting Quick launch keyword to open a URL, for instance, you have defined an abbreviation (cb), you can visit Cherbox home page by simply inputting such characters as “cb”.

You can import bookmarks from the existing browser to Cherbox with the importing function, which is used to importing URL from the existing browser to Cherbox. The browser having the exporting function which can export the Favorites to HTML, and then, clicking the “Tools” – “Import bookmarks”, select the exported html file from the browser and click “OK” to confirm import.

How to open a URL
By default, if the data entry is a URL which being clicking, system will directly open the URL, if need to change to double click to open, you can set in Options, select “Double-click to open URL”.

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